International Women’s Day UPDATE


Nathalie Vivas, Liaison of the Venezuelan Ambassador to the UK, is set to speak at BLINC’s Celebration of International Women’s Day. Ms Vivas, a native of Venezuela, earned a bachelor’s degree in Political and Administrative Studies at la Universidad Central de Venezuela before taking a job with the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (MENPET). There, she worked as a planner at the International Affairs Department, managing Venezuela’s international partners, their relationships in the energy field, and business affairs relating to Latin America and Europe. Now, working at the Venezuelan Embassy, Ms Vivas serves as Head of the Energy Section where she is responsible for developing relationships between Venezuela’s and the UK’s private and public oil sectors. In the past, she has acted as a representative from the Venezuelan Embassy in many events related to politics, energy and Venezuelan women’s rights. 

Ms Nathalie Vivas

The International Women’s Day event takes place on 8th March at 6pm at La Ruca, 89 Glos Rd, Bishopston. Also speaking is Ms Jitzy Centeno, Fairtrade Coffee producer from Nicaragua. Tickets are £10 and include a hot Nicaraguan meal and are available now from La Ruca. All profits will go to a women’s project in Nicaragua.

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