Visit Nicaragua on an Environmental Study Tour

Currently, the Sandinistas are trying to combat massive deforestation, water pollution, dry rivers and lakes, and food shortages. The Nicaraguan government and social movements are carrying out many innovative initiatives to protect people, their communities and the environment. NICARAGUA SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN will be working with a variety of organisations, including the Young Environmentalists and the Nicaraguan Community Movement. NSC will be publicising their work, organising environmental tours to Nicaragua and speaker tours of the UK, and funding small projects. NSC’s aim is to build solidarity links between Nicaraguan organisations and their UK counterparts.


1.) Make a donation!

All these things take time and need to be paid for: doing research, building links both here and in Nicaragua, visiting communities working on environmental projects, setting up the study tours and so on.

2.) Consider visiting Nicaragua on an environmental study tour!

With mountains, tropical rainforest, lakes and coasts, it is a beautiful country with exquisite flora and fauna, a revolutionary history and many innovative initiatives to protect people, their communities and the environment.

The first study tour will take place in late November or early December of this year. You will be living with the rural community in the beautiful Matagalpa region and visiting organisations in other parts of the country, working on indigenous seed production, re-forestation, community tourism, organic farming, increasing local food production, recycling, alternative energy and much more.

Details will be available very soon, so contact NICARAGUA SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN if you would like further information about this or future tours. Do you know anyone else who might be interested?

020 7561 4836 or

NSC, 86 Durham Rd,

London N7 7DT


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