London Latino Film Festival 2012

Films from Latino-America Bolivar Hall 18th – 21st April

Bolivar Hall has the pleasure to organize a 4-day event for cinema-goers.  

Here is the schedule of the movies which are going to be screened.

Day 1: Wednesday 18th April

Time: 5.00 pm

KORPU – NATER (Video Dance)

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The Korpu Nater shows humans, their activities and freedom on the environment, as opposed to a dynamic set of sinuous nature, questioning the man and the effect of belonging to the natural environment, the state of impropriety of the human species before it. Human beings, as the latest product of the evolution of life, breaking and being greeted by several places where the human condition is revealed as a configuration that is in constant flux, never fixed, never static, never finished.

Director:  Carlos Dittborn Callejas

Country: Chile

Running time: 6 min

Did you know?

The following screenings are to commemorate the forty anniversary, next year, of the military coup d’Etat in Chile.


ASEO GENERAL (Short documentary)

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In 1973 in Chile, at the height of the internal tension during Salvador Allende’s three years in office, Carmen, a university employee, maintains her faith in the Socialist  Government despite the constant questioning byher colleague Juan and her partner Víctor, who, confronted with the imminent coup, opts for a more radical response than she does. Carmen maintains her hope with the support of Carvajal, an exemplary proletarian in charge of cleaning up the university.

Director:  Paulina Costa

Country: Chile

Running time: 23min

 Tickets £2.00  


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Time: 6.00pm


In the 1980s, at the height of the Cold War, a bloody civil war between the socialist-influenced Sandinistas andU.S.-backed Contras ravagedNicaragua. Despite the danger, thousands of Americans disobeyed White House warnings and descended upon the Central American nation, determined to lend their skills and labor to the revolutionary Sandinista cause. Using an eclectic mixture of rare archival footage, arresting still photography, and contemporary interviews, American/Sandinista tells the story of a small group of controversialU.S.engineers who went further than anyone expected, and paid the ultimate price.

Director: Miguel Littin

Country: Chile

Running time: 117 min

Tickets £5.00  


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Time: 9.00pm



Mario works in a morgue typing autopsy reports. In the midst of the 1973 Chilean coup d’Etat, he fantasizes about his neighbour, a cabaret dancer, Nancy, who mysteriously disappears on September the 11th. After a violent army raid on her family’s home, he hears about the arrest of her brother and father, a prominent Communist and Salvador Allende supporter. Troubled and spurred on by the thought of losing his would-be lover, Mario begins his frantic search forNancy. Allende’s government has been overthrown and people are dying in the streets. The Chilean Army seizes the morgue and numerous corpses pile up, but Mario can’t get his mind off ofNancy. He carries out his job, thinking that he might find her among the dead, and one night…”

Director: Pablo Larraín
Country: Chile
Running time: 90min
Tickets £5.00

Day 2: Thursday 19th April


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Time: 4.00 pm


Under Fidel Castro’s leadership,Cubabuilt and maintained one of the most successful international boxing programs in the world. By identifying and nurturing pugilistic talent in kids as young as 8 or 9, the country became a perennial favorite to win medals at the next Olympic Games inLondon. Sons of Cuba follows some of these kinds on their amazing journey towards the national under 12 tournament, traces how Castro’s health issues affect them, and explains how some of the kids dream of defecting while others remain fiercely loyal to their homeland.


Director: Andrew Lang
Country: UK
Running time: 88 min


Tickets £2.00

The following screenings are to commemorate the 30 anniversary of the Malvinas War.



Click and watch the trailer =>

Time: 6.00 pm.




The film narrates the memories of Esteban, a man of 40 years who in 1982, when he was only 18 years old, was recruited like soldier to fight in theMalvinasIslands. From the attempt of suicide of an ex- companion, Esteban submerges in the memories of that war that shared with other two young recruits, Vargas, the suicidal one, and Juan, killed in action. In the film not also appear the pain of the war and suffering by the cold and the hunger but histories of friendship and solidarity.

Director: Tristan Bauer

Country: Argentina

Running time: 105 min


LOCOS DE LA BANDERA (Feature documentary)

Time: 9.00 pm



Documents the history of the families of the 649 fallen Argentineans in the Malvinas War who at the end of the military conflict, were alone with their pain and unable to approach the graves of their loved ones, either because their bodies were in theDarwincemetery, in theMalvinasIslands, or they disappeared without being identified.


Director: Julio Cardoso

Country:  Argentina

Running time: 95 min

Day 3: Friday 20th  April


Click and watch the trailer => 

Time: 2.00 pm


A campaigning documentary from Swedish film-maker Fredrik Gertten. A new wave of class-action lawsuits is being taken out against the Dole Food Company, which for decades used controversial chemicals on their banana plantations in Nicaragua causing sterility among male workers. A documentary that allows the viewer to ponder the possibility that this is a lawyers’ gold rush, but the employers’ complacency and defensiveness tell their own story. It seems that US corporations may be reaping a whirlwind of litigation from developing-world communities in Latin America for years to come, and like the cigarette companies, they will fight it every step of the way.

Director: Fredrik Gertten

Country: Sweden/ Denmark/Nicaragua

Running time: 80min


Tickets £2.00  


 Click and watch the trailer =>

Time: 4.00 pm



Eleven-year-old Chava lives a hand-to-mouth existence with his destitute family in a shanty town caught in the middle of the Salvadorian civil war and he is old enough to be turned into a child soldier by the army.
Powerful, touching, charming and tragic ‘Innocent Voices’ is based on the experiences of co-screenwriter Oscar Torres and provides an emotional reminder of the terrible fates that the rich can force on the poor.

Director: Luis Mandoki

Country: El Salvador

Running time: 106 min


Tickets £5.00

The following screening is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the ‘fail’ coup d’Etat against President Chavez in Venezuela in 2002.




Click and watch the trailer =>

 Time: 6.00 pm.


The history of Latin America tells us thatVenezuelaand the rest of the continent have fought against the different types of domination. First the European invasion afterwards the USA Empire. Within that context the documentary shows through the analysis of diverse elements the rise and consolidation of the popular movements in Venezuela from the so called ‘Conquista’ to the “Bolivarian Revolution” that have as an objective a free and sovereign country.

Director: Maria Laura Vázquez

Country: Venezuela

Running time: 85min


Tickets £5.00  



Click and watch the trailer =>

Time:9.00 pm


On June 28th 2009 there was a brutal coup d’état in Honduras: the army abducted president Zelaya. René, actor and syndicalist, joined the National Resistance Front against the Coup d’ Etat. An unprecedented Honduras arises: a people who resist despite media bias, violence and death, take the streets to stand up for their rights. This is their story.

Director: Katia Lara

Country: Honduras/Argentina

Running time: 90 min


Tickets £5.00  


Day 4: Saturday 21st  April


ESCAPE TO SILENCE (Life of Alfredo Espinoza)   

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Time: 4.00pm


During the ’70s, came to Paris a quirky Chilean jazz saxophonist. His name is Alfredo Espinoza. He immediately stands out among local musicians for his technique, his swing and the great way he played his solo parts. His talent takes him to play in major European circuits of traditional jazz, and even to visitAfrica. He makes friends, admirers and lives a happy time of music and bohemian. Without a clear motive, Alfredo returns toChileto live with his mother. Promptly joins the Chilean jazz scene, but a long mental illness leaves him lost in a hill of Valparaiso, for more than ten years away from music and the beautiful melodies that enchanted people from many different countries. Two friends who live in Europe, tried to find him and help him trough this time, dark and silent. Now, ten years later, they travel to Paris to meet with the musical myth, around the figure of Alfredo Espinoza.

Director:  Diego Pequeño
Country: Chile
Running time: 90 min
Tickets: £2.00  


The following screening is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the ‘fail’ coup d’Etat against President Chavez in Venezuela in 2002.




Time: 6.00pm


A documentary offering an alternative point of view on some of the violent events that took place in Venezuela during the coup in 2002. Some local private television are accused of deliberately picking some facts in an attempt to support the ongoing coup ; different videos taken from different angles show how some people were wrongly accused of shooting at unarmed masses of demonstrators. Regardless of political preferences and actual events, it is an interesting documentary on how easily facts can be misrepresented.

Director: Angel Palacios

Country :Venezuela

Running time: 105min


Tickets: £5.00  






Embassy of Venuzuela

and of the Bolivarian Republic


 Bolivar Hall

54-56 Grafton Way

London W1T 5DL

(+44) 020 7387 6727



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