Agueda Ordenana Fair Trade Honey Producer

Agueda Ordenana, women’s community activist and Fairtrade Honey Producer from Nicaragua will be speaking at the 8 March International Women’s Day event at MShed (tickets £8/£6 from 0117 352 6914).
She is also speaking at an event for Beekeepers on sun 3 march 2pm to 4pm at Iron Acton Parish Hall with “Bees for Development”.

Agueda portrait


Members of a NSC trip to Nicaragua with fair trade coffee producer Pedro Sanchez. Credit: Karen Lawson


Co-operatives and fair trade: the Nicaraguan exampleFind out more by visiting Nicaragua with the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign! 28 June – 13 July, 2013

Since the 1980s co-operatives and fair trade have played a significant role in shifting the balance of political and economic power in favour of Nicaraguan small farmers. They have brought a real alternative to the exploitative agro-export model, providing greater direct access to markets and finance, empowering women, and making trade fairer through taking control over more links in the production chain.

‘We have benefited a lot from NSC’s exchange programme between Nicaragua and the UK. This has been a very positive initiative, because we get to know and understand each other, see our different visions and share our common goals. ‘ Union of Agricultural Cooperatives SOPPEXCCA

Participants will:

• Live and work with families of co-op members producing fairtrade sesame or coffee

• Visit co-ops in other parts of Nicaragua ranging from transportation to shrimp production, from the farming of sesame and peanuts to the processing and marketing of coffee.

* Find out about Nicaragua and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA) and how Nicaragua’s fair trade agreement with Venezuela works

• Enjoy Nicaragua’s cities, coasts, lakes, volcanoes, cloud forests

How much will it cost?
Ground and organisational costs £750, including accommodation, transport, all meals, interpreting/accompaniment in Nicaragua and preparation in the UK.
Flights, airport taxes and insurance are additional.

There will be a minimum of six and a maximum of ten people in the group.

Deadline for registrations 30 April.

Further information: Tel: 020 7561 4836, facebook nicaragua solidarity