Here is the letter download for preview – EDM stuff

Members and Supporters,

With the proposed NICA Act still a real threat to Nicaragua, MP Chris Williamson has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) in the House of Commons. The text of the EDM reads as follows:-

‘That this House is extremely concerned by US proposals to implement sanctions against Nicaragua through the so-called NICA Act; notes that if passed, the Act will serve only to destabilise Nicaragua and further impoverish what is already the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere; further notes that the proposed Act will put at risk a whole raft of social programmes put in place since 2007; recognises that these programmes, directed at the poorest and most vulnerable, have already led to a 50 per cent reduction in levels of poverty and maternal mortality; and calls on the Government to express its condemnation of these US proposals and represent its opposition to all steps taken by the US Administration to pass and implement the Act.’

The NICA Act was approved by the US House of Representatives in October 2017, and its introduction into the Senate with cross party support at the end of last year has greatly increased the chance that it will be passed.

If approved by the Senate and signed off by President Trump, the NICA Act would mean that the US would use its influence in international lending institutions to block all loans to Nicaragua from the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and other institutions. This would put paid to many of the social programmes which have helped to transform society and reduce poverty and inequality in Nicaragua.

It is vital that we now take all steps possible to lobby against this heinous act. We are therefore asking you to contact your MP as a matter of urgency to ask them to put their name to the EDM. Please take action by the end of March if you can!

In solidarity

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