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FoM raised £3,500 towards the costs of the new “Carussel Plan Barrio” preschool in a barrio of Tonala in Puerto Morazan. BLINC donated £1500 from the money raised at this year’s Copa Sandino charity football for Nicaragua event. Previously the children held classes in the open under a tree or shared a small space in the primary school next door. The building will be used by 30 under fours and also by the community.

Latin America in Bristol

Here is the website that details the project, archives some of the events & artwork, offers radio interviews by Latin Americans in Bristol

For some photography-


& the ‘SEMANA CULTURAL’ video –



BLINC is a member of the Bristol International Twinnings Association



Latin America in Bristol

Celebrating “Latin America in Bristol”   

The University of Bristol’s

“Dept of Hispanic, Portuguese & Latin American Studies” 


Tuesday April 30th, 6 – 9 PM at The WATERSHED

“extends an invitation to all Latin Americans living in Bristol
to reunite socially, enjoy tapas, drinks, music & to share ideas & some of your experiences of being a Latin American in this city.
This is part of a project designed to increase local awareness of the diversity of Latin American culture.