Bristol Fairtrade Toolkit

Bristol Fairtrade and BLINC have produced a Fairtrade Toolkit for Fairtrade groups and other organisations to develop their own Fairtrade Producer visit to approach and inspire their local businesses and business networks. See below to explore and download.

<object class="wp-block-file__embed" data="; type="application/pdf" style="width:100%;height:600px" aria-label="Embed of <br><strong>The Fairtrade Toolkit is free to download here.
The Fairtrade Toolkit is free to download here.

Please Read and Sign the Petition

As a supporter of Nicaragua, we are writing to ask for your solidarity, which at this extraordinary time is more important than ever, and hugely appreciated by the Nicaraguan People.


You may be aware of the initiative by the Sao Paulo Forum“No to Sanctions, Yes to Solidarity”, a Mobilisation Journey to end the economic, commercial and financial sanctions imposed on nations in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are sure you know that Nicaragua is one of thee progressive countries being targeted by illegal sanctions, which always put lives at risk and harm the wellbeing of the population, and especially during a global pandemic, when they obstruct the functioning of the state and health systems just when a co-ordinated global response is more urgent than ever.


Therefore we ask for kind your support by taking the following actions:


1- Please sign this online petition by the Sao Paulo Forum, directed to HE António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations.


2- Please participate in THE TwitterStorm to get #BloqueoNoSolidaridadSi trending, from now until the end of April. These are the two key dates, though tweeting at any time is hugely valuable and appreciated, including the link to the petition


April 9 (today):

First big action on Twitter under the hashtag #BloqueoNoSolidaridadSi

Duration: 3– 7pm (UK time)


April 16:

Second big action on Twitter under the hashtag #BloqueoNoSolidaridadSi

Duration: 3– 7pm (UK time)


Please note: it is important to concentrate on a single #hashtag to have the greatest reach.


There is also an excellent Support Manual to find out how to get involved, and Support Materials prepared by the Forum to reach the public and institutional actors


The objective of the campaign is to inform people of the humanitarian consequences, collect a large number of petitions, and pressure the international community to put an end to embargoes and blockades during this pandemic.


We want to reach especially, but not limited to, the following groups of people:


– Political leaders with institutional positions.

– Personalities from politics, labor and social movements, feminists, social networks and cultural.

– Political, union, social, women’s and diversity organisations.

– People who may not be politically active, but have compassion and are concerned with humanitarian causes


Thank you very much for your Friendship and Support always.


With Love and Solidarity,


HE Guisell Morales-Echaverry

Ambassador of Nicaragua to UK, Ireland and Iceland

South West Fair Trade Business Awards 2020

This week has seen the official launch of the South West Fair Trade Business Awards 2020 and we’d love your help in getting the word out to every organisation in Bristol and the South West!

To make this as easy as possible, please find:

  • A press release announcing the launch of the Awards attached below!

SWFTBA20 Press Release 1 Jan 2020_final

SWFTBA20 Boilerplate and Social

  • The same release available online at this link
  • Photos to accompany the release at this link
  • Boilerplate message for newsletters and websites, and social media template attached (including more images and the SWFTBA logo)

Also, could your organisation be eligible for an Award? The SWFTBAs are easy to enter and SWFTBA20 Press Release 1 Jan 2020_finalopen to organisations of all sorts and sizes and entering is one way that organisations can contribute to Bristol’s bid to become a Gold Sustainable Food City.SWFTBA20 Press Release 1 Jan 2020_finalSWFTBA20 Press Release 1 Jan 2020_finalSWFTBA20 Boilerplate and Social