Nicaraguan Independence Day 2018

The celebrations in Puerto Morazan for Nicaraguan Independence Day – the national Fiestas Patrias 12 Sept when Nicaragua gained its independence from the Spanish


The new preschool complete – The Little House of Peace

Last Friday the preschool “little house of Peace” was officially inaugurated in Puerto Morazan with a children’s marching band, majorettes and a piñata. The project was funded thanks to money raised at this year’s and last year’s Copa Sandino as well as generous donations from the Bristol and Clifton Rotaries plus our Crowdfunder friends. The toilet was funded by the Bath University Chemistry Department who have twinned their toilet with its Nicaraguan latrine counterpart. No doubt the children will love throwing stones at the zinc door as soon as someone sits down inside. Thanks to your support, the children no longer have to walk a long way to have lessons in a shrimp store-room and many more children will now sign up for the preschool. We and the community decided to call it the little house of peace because Nicaragua has gone through a difficult six months with a failed US funded coup attempt. We have been overwhelmed by people’s commitment and support on the ground and even the Nicaraguan Vice President spoke about the project and the links with Bristol live on Nicaraguan national radio last Friday. The sector has no running water yet although tankers come in twice a week,  nor electricity but at least now they have a proper preschool. There are more photos on our Facebook page. Please share with team-mates and supporters.

Viva Nicaragua!